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Tools for Your Journey of Transformation

Together, we’ll integrate your body, mind, emotions and spirit for calm and personal growth

No matter where we are on our path, there is always the availability of more love, peace and joy.  No matter what your age, gender, occupation and world views, this process can work for you if you are willing to be an active participant in it.

Often we go about trying to heal ourselves by working on one part and ignoring the other part. It is my experience that healing one part still requires balancing the rest of us to reap the full benefits of the experience.  It gives me great pleasure to help you bring all those parts together and into wholeness.  These modalities work very well in conjunction with other eastern and western processes.

All of these modalities are available remotely - we can work together no matter where you are in the world! For those of you local to the Danbury, CT area, I am thrilled to provide many of these packages in person.

Private Yoga (Remote or Virtual):

yoga pose

Individualized classes are designed to meet your needs at your skill level. The journey begins with you filling out a questionnaire, so I can gain a better understanding of your skill level and intentions for practicing yoga. After reading your responses, I will develop a class, you will be provided with instruction and encouragement to practice at home to support your continued growth and integration.

Private classes are suitable for beginners and intermediate students. All Remote Classes Conducted through Zoom.

30 min (focus on one principle; ex. balance, flexibility, improved digestion): $30 

60 min: Complete Yoga Practice: $55

Location is in Danbury, Connecticut:  60 min: $75. 

(A remote interview will take place before in person class is scheduled)

*For in-person classes, aromatherapy may be included as well as hands-on support using principles of Thai Yoga Massage and Reiki. Danbury, CT.

Private Yoga Packages (Virtual or In Person)

The perfect way to develop an ongoing practice, specifically designed to provide support using yogic principles to guide your process. 

5 sessions, 30 minute class

Virtual Only: $140

5 sessions, 60 minute class

Virtual: $250
In Person: $350

10 sessions, 60 minute class

Virtual: $500
In Person: $680

Group Yoga Classes

yoga pose

I lead a virtual Monday night yoga class from 7:00 to 8:15 (ET). Class is scheduled in 5-week increments. 

Virtual:  5 sessions, 75 minute class: $85.

Contact me for new 5-week session dates. 

Appropriate for individuals who have some yoga experience.

Gather a group of friends and let’s start a new group class!

It begins where you are! I look forward to meeting you. We have a lot that we can learn together! 

Additional yoga sessions can also be found on TakeLessons.

Monthly Group Virtual Meditation Class

yoga pose

I lead a virtual, group meditation class the first Wednesday night of each month from 7:00 to 8:00 pm (ET).  The theme of each class may vary, but typically, we start with a guided meditation to support feeling centered, balanced and grounded. The opening meditation is followed by a healing circle which then leads into the practice of yoga nidra. Yoga nidra is a practice in which you are guided into an altered state in which your body is relaxed while your mind remains awake and alert. Benefits can include the release of stress and anxiety,  diminished effects of trauma and an increased state of relaxation and inner peace.

Upcoming Dates; 2/1/23, 3/1/23, 4/5/23, 5/3/23 and 6/7/23.  When registering for a class, please select appropriate date on the calendar.


$20 a class (registration is required 24 hours before the start of class)

Energy Healing Sessions (Virtual and In-Person)

Everyone is an energetic being and has their own personal and unique energy system.  Energy is the blueprint from which our mental, emotional, and physical state stems.  Our energy can shift in relation to our environment and the world around us creating imbalances like fear, sadness, grief, anxiety, anger, and unhealthy patterns.”

group session with rona

Energy work is a powerful yet gentle way to release these imbalances and increase your inner peace, joy, balance, and overall well-being.  

I use a combination of methods for your healing sessions: sending of healing energy, intuitive information, hypnotherapy techniques, aromatherapy (in person), and channeled information. 

I enjoy collaborating with people who are committed to their own transformation. 


75 min session: $130

5-session package: $630 (to be paid when the package is purchased)

Channeled Session (Virtual or Phone)

Do you ever wish that you can receive information from a loved one who has passed, a spiritual guide or other spiritual beings?  Receiving Divine guidance and information can be of great comfort when you have questions or need some direction in your life.

We all have the capacity to channel, but often time, fear and/or lack of belief get in our way. Besides being a natural intuitive with years of study, I have cleared out many of the blocks that would interrupt my being able to “hear” the transmission.  I would be honored to be the person that can listen to and translate that information to you and for you.

It is up to spirit, not me personally, as to who will “show up” at the time of the session.  It has always been my experience that the participant will receive information that is valuable, informative, and healing.


30 min: $55 | 60 min: $110

Your Chakra System - You are Your Own Best Healer

Illustration of a meditating woman in yoga position with the seven main chakras and their meanings.
The Chakra System

Want to learn about chakras and your own chakra system?

We will review the chakra system and together learn about your personal chakra/energy system. The first session will include a review of the chakra system, how the chakras relate to each other and experiential exercises. The second session will include learning how blockages are created and released with practice on how to clear and rebuild energy. The third class will include how your chakras and energy field interact with others and the world in which you live. The class will conclude with the creation of “My Chakra Guidebook.”


45 min:  $60

3 Session Package: 50 min plus My Chakra Guidebook $250

“A Guide to My Own Personal Practice and Healing Routine”

Want to learn about different forms of meditation breathing techniques and energy exercises that are designed specifically for you? 

rona on grass

Together, we will design your own personal meditation practice/healing practice!  The first session will begin with the interview process, a sharing of your goals and an introduction to specific techniques.  The second session will consist of exploring more techniques and learning how to let go and release what you no longer need to create space for the next step in your journey.  The 3rd session will include a refinement of your practice and the creation of a “My Personal Practice” booklet that is yours to keep and guide you in maintaining your own personal practice.


3 session Package 50 min plus “My Personal Practice” Guidebook: $ 250

Upcoming Events

You can find Rona at:

Reclaimed Beauty Salon, 71 Stony Hill Rd., Bethel CT
Reiki Sessions available on 9/23/23 from 12pm to 3pm (this will be our Grand Opening Event)
10/7, 11/11 and 12/12 from 10am to 1pm

Energy Assessments /Custom Blended Essential Oils included

9/28, 10/12, 10/26, 11/9, 11/30 and 12/14 from 4pm to 7pm

Session Length: 30 min
Cost: $40
Sessions available by appointment only. Contact Rona at
Products are also available.

Bridge Healing Arts Center, 304 Main St., Farmington, CT
Bridge the Gap from Surviving to Thriving; Incorporating Practical Spiritual Practices in Your Everyday Life.
This is a series of 6 classes that can be taken individually or as a group. Classes will be held one Sunday a month from 1pm to 3pm beginning October 1.
For more details on classes, visit To register, contact Rona at

Shamanic Journeying & Sound Healing
9/24 from 3pm to 4:30pm at Ridge Ranch, 276 Quaker Rd., Patterson, NY
We will be gathering on the beautiful property of Ridge Ranch to honor the fall solstice. In honor of the transition of the seasons, Rona will lead you in a shamanic journey to celebrate your life and take time to experience gratitude which will help bring about a sense of joy and peace. Dorian’s masterful use of the gong and crystal bowls will set the vibrational tone to support and enhance the experience.
Contact Rona at for registration and pricing.

Open House in Danbury, CT
Shop for the holidays, come relax and try something new. Come sample Rona’s body cremes, aromatherapy sprays and sugar scrubs and find the right product that is right for you. We will be offering 3 services to help you move through the holidays in a more peaceful way. Rona will be offering Energy Assessments/Chakra Balancing along with creating custom blended essential oil roll-on. Daniel Vaccaro, LMT, will be offering a variety of mini-massages. Maureen Stark will be offering palm reading sessions.
10/28 from 10am to 6pm (Rona, Daniel and Maureen)
10/29 from 12pm to 5pm (Rona and Daniel)
Contact Rona at for registration and pricing.

You can find Rona’s products at the following events and will also be available for readings at the following events:
9/17 from 12pm to 4pm at VFW Hall Benefit Holistic Expo
VFW Hall, Plainville, CT

10/15 from 10am to 5pm at Passport to Health and Wellness EXPO
DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Bristol, Connecticut, 42 Century Drive Bristol, CT

11/5 from 10am to 5pm at New Age & Crafts Expo
Wyndham Southbury, 1284 Strongtown Rd., Southbury, CT


Goat Yoga at Ridge Ranch

Goat Yoga at Ridge  Ranch will return in Spring 2024. Stay tuned for pictures of our new baby goats.

Common Comments

There is no prerequisite to doing yoga.  Yoga begins right where you are.  There are many modifications to support physical issues.  Yoga can be done on the floor on a mat or on a chair with modifications and can work for anyone. (Please note that it would not be recommended if it was in conflict with a doctors’ recommendation)

Same thing as yoga, there is no prerequisite and you do not have to be predisposed to having a quiet mind.  Though meditation means something specific that does relate to quieting the mind, there are many other ways to practice meditation.  We can explore what ways work for you.

We all have busy lives.  We make time for what is important to us or for what distracts us from taking better care of ourselves. Everything offered can be modified for your take home use, to create a personal practice that meets your time requirements

Let's connect
If you’re ready to begin your transformation, the first step is easy, reach out and contact me. You can decide if we would be a good match. The definition of insanity according to Albert Einstein is: “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.” Let’s try something different!