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Are you looking for something tangible for yourself or for someone you know to help you feel more: peaceful, grounded and compassionate? Maybe you are trying to release some energy blocks, emotional pain or grief, mental constructs that no longer support you or empower some aspect of yourself? Owning a pillow or nature inspired framed picture, will bring an added dimension to your home and personal space that inspires and supports you and anyone who enters that space.

The process begins with me going into meditation and creating the intention of being guided to create a pillow or artwork that will someday be of help to someone. From picking out fabric color, creating affirmations to pressing flowers and choosing paint, every aspect of the creation supports the energy that it is designed to emit.

Meditation/Healing Pillows

A tangible, healing tool pillow that activates your senses, for a kinesthetic experience. Each pillow has a unique design or inspirational message that is appliqued, printed, stamped or painted on cotton fabric. Written affirmations, symbols, herbs and a crystal are contained within each pillow. Every aspect of the pillow from the color to the design has a specific energy that along with the rest of its components, will bring positive energy into your home or workplace. Each pillow will come with a 1 ml bottle that contains the essential oil that supports the energy of the pillow.

Hand/chakra pillows

Need support in strengthening or supporting a specific chakra? I trace my hand, which symbolizes the transmission of healing energy, and an applique of that print onto the pillow along with a symbol and color of that chakra. Herbs, affirmations, specific essential oils and a crystal that are in alignment with that chakra are all a part of the makeup and design.
*These pillows are used when working on one specific chakra, keeping in mind that the chakras work as an integrated system

Mini Pillows

Need a little bit of inspiration that can fit in a small space? These mini pillows were designed to bring a little smile or a quick sense of light heartedness.

Shamanic Pillows

Are you attracted to animal spirit medicine, Native American or indigenous practices? These pillows are used to support connection to power animals, plants as well as to support shamanic journeying.

New Products

Aromatherapy Sprays: Homemade sprays are infused with essential oils and flower essences. Each formula is specifically designed to strengthen your energy field and transform the environment in which it is sprayed. Selections include:

  • Clear the Energy
  • Raise the Vibration
  • My Inner Dwelling
  • Going with the Flow
  • Ready, Set, Receive

4 oz bottles, $25

Custom made formulas are available for sprays.