Chakra Maintenance: Unblock, Clear and Energize Your Chakras

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Chakra Maintenance: Unblock, Clear and Energize Your Chakras

Now that you understand your chakra system and have learned some ways that they can get blocked or unbalanced. We are ready to learn two techniques that can help you to unblock, clear and then rebalance your chakras.

Technique # 1: Using a Pendulum to Diagnose Chakra Health and to Learn how you Can Alter the Flow of Energy with your Thoughts.  

Materials Needed:


*Picture of the chakra system, if you and your partner are unfamiliar with where the areas of the chakras are located on the body.

*Pen and paper to write down the motion of the chakras.

What is a pendulum?  Technically a pendulum is a weight suspended from a point, so that it can swing freely when the point is held in place by someone’s hand or an object. Many different materials can be used to create a pendulum. A pendulum can be used to discover different types of information, one being to understand and work with the energy system moving through the chakras For more information on the use of a pendulum, you can refer to this article. How to use a pendulum.

When using a crystal pendulum it is helpful to clean and clear your crystals.  See Key Points to Know and Remember for instructions on how to clean your crystal).

How to Use the Pendulum to Diagnose Chakra Health: In order to do this exercise you need two people. One person will be the one being evaluated and the other will be the pendulum holder. For the sake of this exercise, we will use a crystal as the basis for the pendulum.  It would be best for you and your partner to try and clear your thoughts (as best as possible).  

This is an energetic exercise, not a mental one. The pendulum holder will hold the chain about 12 inches above each chakra, trying as best as possible to keep their thoughts and energy to themselves and not project it onto the crystal.

Experience What the Flow of Your 7 Chakras Looks Like.

Step 1:  Lay down on your back on bed or a flat surface.  Have your partner stand next to you.

Step 2:  With a light touch, have your partner hold the top of the pendulum, as steady as possible, so that the crystal is on the bottom and has freedom to move. 

Step 3:  Hold the pendulum about a foot above the area where the first chakra is located and watch for the direction that pendulum moves. At first the movement might change. Typically after a while the movement stabilizes.  

Step 4: After the movement has stabilized, move to the 2nd chakra and repeat the same process.  

Step 5:  Continue the same process the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th chakras.

Step 6:  List each chakra on a notepad and write down a description of the movement of the pendulum. Ex. The crystal moved back and forth.  The crystal moved in a small circular movement.

Experience The Power of Your Thoughts

This is evidenced through observing the movement of the crystal pendulum above your chakras.

Step 1:  Choose to focus on a chakra in which the pendulum had very little movement or was moving back and forth when it was placed above it. Choose a visual cue or a concept that will be presented to support the change in energy flow of the chakra. It could be the color of the chakra, an image of the sun, white light or any positive image or thought specifically related to the person who is lying down.

Step 2:  The person holding the pendulum will now present the image that was chosen in Step A.  Sample Script: ”Imagine that the sun is flowing out of your 3rd chakra. The sun’s rays are bright, strong and empowering, filling your 3rd chakra with light and strength.”

Step 3:  Make sure that the previous steps 1 through 2 are still in place.

Step 4:  Place the pendulum over the chakra that you have chosen to focus on. 

Step 5:  Retest for the movement of the pendulum.  If there is still very little movement or a back and forth movement, it is time to begin.

Step 6:  Be mindful that the only one using this imagery is the person lying down. The partner holding the pendulum, should not energetically be participating in this.

Step 7:  Watch to see if the movement of the pendulum changed.  If it did great.  If it did not, don’t be discouraged, sometimes it takes practice on the part of both partners.

Step 8:  As we have already learned, though we might work with individual chakras, the chakra system is an interactive one.  After clearing out the specific chakra that you are working on, imagine that there is a bright light shining out of all the chakras and utilize an affirmation like “All my chakras are balanced and energized.”

Please visit my you tube video for a demonstration of the procedure. 

Technique #2:  Release and Let Go of Blockaged Energy in the form of  pain, grief, anger or any emotion or sensation that can get held and stored in a chakra.

People often ask: “How do I clear out emotions that interfere with my living a happy life?”  Keep reading and learn two different techniques.

First and Most Important Concept: Own It, Don’t Ignore It

A key to clearing and releasing blocked energy or a lack of energy is to first take the time to feel it and acknowledge the feeling.  You can not release or heal something that you do not acknowledge having. The best way to do that is to become present with what you are feeling and not to ignore  or distract yourself so that you won’t feel it.  You can do this by just learning to identify what you feel when you are feeling it.  

Personal Experience:  When I feel overwhelmed by having reports to write, I start to pace and crave something crunchy or sweet (I typically do not have cravings for sugar). I will unconsciously start searching for food, thinking I am hungry.  If I can remember that I am recreating a pattern, I will stop, become aware of my breathing and start identifying how I am feeling.  “I have tightness in my stomach, my neck is starting to ache,” etc.  Typically,  my reflex to eat will decrease the more I just am present with what I am actually experiencing at the moment.

Now that you have discussed  developing more awareness about your body by learning to be more present and have developed more of an understanding about what we are releasing,  let’s move forward with how that awareness and understanding can help you to release blocks, or a build up of energy in a chakra.

Materials Needed:

Anything that you can use as a representation of a receptacle to release unwanted energy into. Some examples are: a garbage pail with a liner, a toilet bowl (which can be flushed) or a window, which allows the energy to flow out of the room you are in.

How do I release blocked or pent up energy in a chakra using a receptacle?

Step 1:  Find a quiet place to be and a period of time where you can focus on this process without interruption. (5 minutes is good to start.)

Step 2:  Think back to one of the exercises that you did, either through reading blog 2 or through the pendulum test and identify the chakra you want to release an energy block from.

Step 3:  Now set up your receptacle or place where you want to send the excess energy to.

Step 4a: *Using a garbage pail, with a liner in it.  

             *Place the garbage pail next to you. 

              *Picture or think of  the chakra that you want to focus on. 

*Picture a door on your chakra that you can open  and allow or direct  the blocked energy/negative energy/ pent up energy / dark colored energy (pick one or allow another image to arise) to move from your chakra into the garbage pail.  Try one image and if that image does not resonate with you, try another.

*Keep the imagery going until you feel that it has been cleared out. Once you feel that the energy is cleared out, imagine that you are filling that chakra up with the color that represents it, sunlight or white light.

*After you have finished filling up that chakra, imagine that you are energizing and rebalancing all your chakras.  As we have discussed in the past, the chakras are integrated and working on one chakra, creates a rebalance, that you now know how to balance.

*Tie up the liner from the garbage pail and when you are ready to leave the area, throw it out.  Remember that whatever you release, stays, unless you get rid of it.  It is like throwing your garbage into a room and leaving it there. It is good practice to clean up after yourself.

You now have two different techniques for clearing, energizing and rebalancing your chakras, using a pendulum and The Release Energy Technique

You can use this release method for more than just chakra work.  You can do it for any body part or system you choose.  Just substitute a body part for a chakra.

Key Point:

You always want to replace what you released. You can do this by:

Imagining the color of the chakra/the sun/ white light (pick one) to fill up that chakra of which you released unwanted energy. 

If you have been reading my blogs and participating in some of the practices, feel free to reach out for support.  I offer private sessions and packages to support you on this journey to help make the exercises contained in these blogs more available. Also visit the shop (link to shop) for meditation/ healing pillows that support the chakra work that you are engaged in..

 Key Points to Know or Remember:

  1. Cleaning Crystals:  You can purchase a crystal in “new age stores,” and online.  Typically, clear quartz, rose quartz  and amethyst crystals are used.  I clean my crystals often to clear out any energy it has picked up.  My method of cleaning is to soak my crystals in distilled water that has some sea salt in it, for 24 hours. When possible, I leave it outside in the sun or in a place in my house where the sun shines.
  2. It is important to acknowledge sensations in your body that keep communicating to you, how  you are feeling and thinking 
  3. Being present helps you to acknowledge the messages that your chakras and body are sending you.

Until the next time.

With Peace, Love and Gratitude,


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