Our Journey Together Starts with Discovering the Chakras

Our Journey Together Starts with Discovering the Chakras 

Welcome to My Journey

How is yours going?  Are you just starting on the path or somewhere on the continuum?  No matter where you are and where I am, we are all partners on the path.  Imagine that we are all walking on a path.  You reach ahead to grasp the hand of the person who has already stepped where you are going  and reach behind to support those who will soon walk where you currently are.  Together we can all help each other.  

All the information, knowledge and experience that I have accumulated over the years has helped me to become more empowered and to make transformational and powerful changes in my life. It is and always will be an ongoing process. It can be scary at times, but always worth it. Change often occurs when you are at the edge of your comfort zone, not when you are in it.  

Have you ever heard the word “chakra?”  Do you know what a “chakra” is and what it does?  When I ask people if they know what it is, they often say that they have heard of it, but weren’t really sure what it was. There are times that people tell me that they were told that their chakra was blocked or closed, but they really didn’t know what that meant or what to do about it.  My next series of blogs will not only demystify the chakra system, but also educate and provide you with experimental exercises so that you can understand and work with your own chakra system.

My Introduction to the Chakra System

I don’t remember where and when I first learned about the chakras, but I do remember how I became enchanted with them and they developed power and meaning to me. There was a period in my life, in my 30’s, where I was doing a deep dive into my own issues and patterns that especially related to my family of origin. I was a young mother of two and was intent on being the best mother possible. I had so many shadows from my own childhood, I was afraid I would cast them over my own family. 

I Was Determined to Do A Deep Dive

Around that time, two things happened.  I was studying shamanism and I started reading Caroline Myss’s Anatomy of the Spirit.  Shamanism taught me to understand that everything has a consciousness and Caroline Myss taught me about the symbology of the chakras. The merging of those two things provided a treasure chest of tools that I continue to use to understand myself and my relationship with others and spirit.  

A key concept relates to the understanding of the first chakra which is also called the root chakra and is located at the base of the spine.  Caroline Myss explores its connection to tribal power.  My understanding is that we are all born into a tribe.  The tribe can be as small as our family or as big as our country.  The tribe’s main function is to keep everyone safe and to keep the tribe strong. 

But What if We Are a Bit Different?  

We might think, look  or act differently than the norms of the tribe. That is when  things get interesting.  If the tribe is healthy and secure, they welcome differences in its members. But, if the tribe is rigid,  inflexible and stuck in its own patterns,  there can be  consequences for being different. The consequences are often  pressure from the tribe to conform or if we do not conform we can then be ostracized.  I was and am often still the person who is “different” than the tribe.  This concept was the hook that propelled me forward into learning about and working with my chakra system.  I am honored to be sharing this information with you.  I hope that it helps you the way it helped me.

What Are the 7 Main Chakras?

Chakra is the sanskrit word meaning “ wheel.”  Chakras are energy centers  located in your energy field that connect your body to your energy field. There are seven major chakras that correlate with physical locations in your body as well as mental and emotional constructs. This is just a brief overview of the chakra system. In future blogs, I will present different ways of working with the chakra system.

I am a certified yoga teacher and have studied under traditional yoga teachers. I have done much studying on chakras and through that study have found that there are some differences in what people write about them.  I present information that has been  presented by leaders in the field that resonates with what is true for me.

 The 7 Major Chakras, colors and correlations are:   

 1st Chakra/Root Chakra

  1.  Color emitting from the root chakra is red.
  2. Physical Location on the body – coccygeal plexus
  3. Corresponding Body Parts and Systems:  base of spine, legs, bones, feet and rectum.
  4. Main Concepts:  Grounding, feeling safe and secure. Relationship to your tribe (family, religion, community).
  5. Related Element:  earth

2nd Chakra/ Sacral Chakra

  1. Color emitting from the pelvic chakra is peachy/orange
  2. Physical Location on the body – sacral plexus
  3. Corresponding Body Parts and Systems:  Pelvic area, abdomen, lower spine, hips,   bladder.
  4. Main Concepts: Creativity, sexuality and relationships
  5. Related Element: water

3rd Chakra/ Solar Plexus

  1. Color emitting from the solar plexus chakra is yellow
  2. Physical Location on the body – abdomen
  3. Corresponding Body Parts and Systems: Stomach, upper intestines, liver, gall bladder, kidney, pancreas, adrenal glands, spleen
  4. Main Concepts: Self confidence, self esteem, self respect, vitality,
  5. Related Element: fire

4th Chakra/ Cardiac Plexus

  1. Color emitting from the heart chakra is green
  2. Physical Location on the body – center of chest
  3. Corresponding Body Parts and Systems: Heart, circulatory system, shoulders, arms, breasts, diaphragm, thymus gland
  4. Main Concepts: Self love, love for others, the ability to both give and receive love, compassion, forgiveness
  5. Related Element: water

5th Chakra/ Pharyngeal Plexus

  1. Color emitting from the throat chakra is blue
  2. Physical Location on the body – throat, thyroid, parathyroid, neck mouth, teeth, & gums, esophagus, hypothalamus
  1. Corresponding Body Parts and Systems: Throat, thyroid, parathyroid, neck,  mouth, teeth, & gums, esophagus, hypothalamus
  2. Main Concepts: Authentic Communication, self expression, the ability to take in and put out information
  3. Related Element:  sound

6th Chakra/ Carotid Plexus

  1. Color emitting from the third eye chakra is indigo
  2. Physical Location on the body – lower forehead between the brows
  3. Corresponding Body Parts and Systems: Brow, third eye, brain, nervous system, eyes, ears, nose, pineal & pituitary gland
  4. Main Concepts: Psychic abilities, imagination, the ability to see beyond illusion to the truth
  5. Related Element: light

7th Chakra/ Cerebral Cortex

  1. Color emitting from the crown chakra is  violet or white
  2. Physical Location on the body – top of head
  3. Corresponding Body Parts and Systems: Muscular system, skeletal system, skin, top of head.
  4. Main Concepts: Wisdom, knowledge, spirituality, connection to the spiritual world, trust, faith
  5. Related Element: pure consciousness

Getting to Know Your Chakras: A Basic Recipe


  • a comfortable place to sit or lay down (try not to fall asleep!)
  • a timer (you can use your phone)
  • some place to keep notes: a journal or your phone
  • picture of the chakra system


1. Find a picture of the chakra system or you can use this one.:


2. Touch each place on your body in consecutive order that the chakra correlates with. Start with the first chakra and work your way up to the 7th.  You can either identify your chakra by number or its name.  For example:  Put your hands on your lower pelvis  area, which is where  your 1st chakra is located and say root chakra. Now continue going through the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th chakras.

3. Now, get comfortable!

4. Rub your hands together to generate heat.

5. Start the stopwatch on your timer and place your hands on the area on your body that correlates with your first chakra. Imagine that either the sun light or  the color corresponding with the chakra is coming out of your hands into the chakra.

6.  Keep the imagery going until you feel that it is time to stop.  

7.  When you feel that it is time to stop,  stop your timer and note how long your hands were sending energy into that chakra.

8. Continue to do the same thing for each chakra, moving up from 1st to 7th, rubbing your hands together as you move from one chakra to the next.

At the end of the exercise, note how long your hands were on each chakra.  There  could be several reasons why your hands stay longer in one area than in another. One reason could be that you intuitively know that specific chakra needs more energy than another, so your hands linger there longer.  Another reason could be that it is a chakra that on some level, you don’t want to deal with what is correlated with it, so you don’t stay there. 

I “energize” my chakras every morning as part of my morning practice.  I notice that some days my  hands stay longer over some chakras than others. Often for me, it is an indication that in the present  moment, that chakra could benefit from an energy boost. There are many ways to do it. The one that I presented is one of the simplest.  Your chakras have a consciousness of their own. You are on your way to either learning the language or strengthening the communication that you already have.

Key Points to Remember:

  1. Chakras are energy centers located in our energy body that correlates with specific colors, attributes and locations in the body.
  2. Our energetic body is made up of many chakra points that regulate the flow of energy.  
  3. There are 7 major chakras points
  4. Understanding the chakra system and learning how to listen to its messages can help us to understand ourselves better on a different level. We can then use all that knowledge to empower us to make positive changes in our lives.

Just One More Thing:

 This is my first blog ever. I have been nudged out of my cave by spirit.  As I begin my journey into the world of blogs, I would like to give a shout out to one special person in my life. She has been with me for the last 34 years as my spiritual teacher, friend, confidant and guardian angel to not only me, but to my now adult children. She has listened to me drone on and on as I was stuck in my own constant mental and emotional patterns and held the bar way above my head, to keep my constantly reaching for my own light and my own inner truths. She has never pushed or pulled me into what she wanted, just held up the mirror so that I would discover what I needed for myself. I would not be here where I am, without her being where she is. A reason why your hands would spend less time on a chakra could be that on some level, you are not yet ready to “deal” with an issue associated with that chakra.

Until the next time.

With Peace, Love and Gratitude,


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