What are Chakras?

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What are Chakras?  Chakra is the sanskrit word meaning “ wheel.”  Chakras are energy centers  located in your energy field that connect your body to your energy field.  There are seven major chakras that correlate  with physical locations in your body.  Though information is presented about each chakra as if they are separate entities, they all interact and work together.  Now imagine this……. “Your chakra system is a tube that runs from the base of your spine to the top of your head.  Visualize  seven valves or gateways along that tube.  Energy is now flowing  up and down that tube as all the gateways  are open to allow an optimum amount of  flow. Visualize  that one gateway is closed just a bit, which affects the diameter of the pipeline in area in that it becomes more narrow.  That little adjustment changes the whole flow of energy as the other gateways are affected and have to compensate for that unbalance.  Take a few deep breaths and allow that breath to fully open the gateways to  allow your energy to flow easily and fluidly throughout the tube.  “

The following is a chart that can be utilized to understand the seven major chakras and corresponding concepts.

ChakraColorCorresponding Location on the Physical BodyCorresponding Body Parts and SystemsMain ConceptsRelated ElementsAffirmation
1stredCoccygeal PlexusBase of Spine, legs, bones, feet, rectumGrounding, feeling safe and secure. Relationship to your tribe (family, religion, community)earthThe right: to have!
Affirmation:“I am safe, secure and grounded to the earth.”
2ndorange/peachSacral  PlexusPelvic area, abdomen, lower spine, hips, bladderCreativity, sex, relationshipswaterThe right: to feel!
Affirmation:“My feelings and emotions are balanced and flow freely.”
3rdyellowSolar PlexusStomach, upper intestines, liver, gallbladder,kidney, pancreas, adrenal glands, spleen middle spineSelf confidence, self esteem, self respect, vitality, fireThe right: to act!
Affirmation:“I am strong and powerful and move in right action
4thgreenCardiac PlexusHeart, circulatory system, shoulders, arms, breasts, diaphragm, thymus glandSelf love, love for others, the ability to both give and receive love, compassion, forgivenessairThe right: to love and be loved.!
Affirmation:“I am open to giving and receiving love.”
5thbluePharyngeal PlexusThroat, thyroid, parathyroid, neck mouth, teeth, & gums, esophagus, hypothalamusAuthentic Communication, self expression, the ability to take in and put out informationSound The right: to speak and be listened to.!
Affirmation:“I am able to speak my truth and to be surrounded by people who will listen.”
6thindigoCarotid PlexusBrow, third eye, brain, nervous system, eyes, ears, nose, pineal & pituitary glandPsychic abilities, imagination, the ability to see beyond illusion to the truth.lightThe right: to see the truth.!
Affirmation:“I have the ability to see the truth both in myself and others.”
7thViolet or whiteCerebral CortexMuscular system, skeletal system, skin, top of head.Wisdom, knowledge, spirituality, connection to the spiritual world, trust, faithPure consciousness, thoughtThe right: to know!
Affirmation: “I am connected to spirit and cosmic consciousness.”

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